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Meet Sebastian 

Entrepreneur, best selling author, Husband, Father, Pastor and Thought Leader. 

He attended seminary at Covington School of Theology, North Carolina School of Theology and Higher Place Christian University. Sebastian received his A.A. in Biblical Studies, BA in Theology, MDiv. and A PhD in Christian Counseling. Pastor Sebastian Holley is also certified as a John Maxwell Leadership Team Member.

From My Blog

Welcome to Anointed Clay "The Blog" We desire to present thought provoking conversation that can potentially help in shaping a solid foundation for your individual manifestation.  


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Sebastian Holley Has been a tremendous blessing in Leadership building, encouragement, revelation, training all of the above. As a Millennial Pastor I've had so many questions and he has been right there to help and walk me through certain processes. He is an amazing Teacher, Preacher and not to mention Author!!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!

Pastor Robert Wright

Prophetic Worship Center

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Sebastian Holley has been a tremendous help to me as individual as well as to the church I pastor from being a sounding board to bounce off thoughts and ideas too or being someone I could talk to without fear of judgement or harsh criticisms and know I would get good God lead constructive advice

Pastor Wesley Moss 
Life Gate Church

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The leadership training revolutionized my church and propelled us to the next level.

Pastor Anthony Thomas 

Secure Foundations


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