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Knowledge Puffs Up

Updated: May 30, 2019

Intellect is not the problem but a lack of true intimacy is.

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Knowledge Puffs Up

Religion is when you can argue for a Christ that you're not actually familiar with. It amazes me how you can have so much information about someone and still not know them. This is the difference between where the actual point of connection is made. If your true point of connection is only intellectual it doesn't matter how accurate you feel your knowledge is, you would have still missed the point of the relationship. This sounds basic until you realize how many people only have a surface level relationship with God. And they argue knowledge because that's all they have. What I did not say is that knowledge is not important what I am saying is that if your motive for knowledge is not true intimacy with God knowledge becomes the point of security and not the relationship. Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, Philippians 3:8 The same Apostle Paul who is an extremely intelligent brother speaks of how he values just simply knowing Christ.

Scholarship has did as much damage to the body as good simply because the vast majority of would be scholars fall into the trap of intellectualism. Where in they become masters at arguing the argument against the argument. This practice gives way to the frailty of pride which always blocks the opportunity for clarity and real solutions. We have a tendency to feel that as long as I'm arguing the bible with good intentions to reveal the truth that my truth is absolute and anything else is not. Everyone has good intentions for giving what they feel is the truth. But that does make their truth the truth.

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