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Are You Emotionally Healthy Enough For Your Destiny?

Clues that you may not be emotionally healthy enough for your destiny

This list is not exhaustive it is just a few indicators that are pretty common, especially in team oriented relational settings.

Continuously struggling with rejection and abandonment

Struggling with these two monsters will cripple your potential on so many levels. Fear of rejection connected to past trauma and offenses can cause a person to miss key opportunities, either being too reserved or from being too over the top. Both are driven from a need to be accepted and a fear of not being accepted. This fear causes one to literally suffocate one’s truth by trying to perform according to a perception. The fear of rejection and abandonment causes one to think I'm not good enough and therefore increasing the need for external acceptance. This also creates a people pleasing persona or an introverted both being defense mechanisms to guard emotional deficits. Your personal acceptance of yourself brings balance.

Being stuck in victimization

Being stuck in victimization stifles real self-examination. Without real self-examination how do we grow, and manifesting destiny is all about personal growth. Victimization tends to send off an aroma of potential offence and most of who are paying attention can smell it and will avoid relationship with you. People who are purpose driven can smell it or discern it from a mile away. You will mostly only draw others suffering from the same deficits with a tendency to come together and massage the pain and rehearse the offenses. Or you will draw those that are out of balance sympathetically; those that you can get to buy into your hurt and temporarily pacify the emotional deficits. The problem is that most that are in a position to open doors are not looking to heal the broken you but advance the whole you. They can see your potential but can also see your pain and the manipulation that comes with it. Another huge problem with being bound in victimization is you continue to draw new offenses, some of which will be real trauma and some of which will be perceived or misinterpreted. Perceived or misinterpreted because the filter to determine offenses is contaminated with unresolved. Only you can choose to be the victim.

Pride and arrogance Pride and arrogance are reflections of poor emotional health, because they are masks to cover areas of insecurity or inadequacy. The person that needs to be perceived as the most intellectual is seeking affirmation externally because they have not achieved it internally so their arrogance becomes the mask to try and cover the feeling. Pride is the same, its mask can be made from different material. There is the pride in self and there is the pride in things. Each one points to certain areas of emotional deficits. For example the person that grew up in extreme poverty and they buy stuff to establish a sense of security, really to hide the fear of ever being in lack again. Whereas the pride in self seeks to create a safe place of delusion where one can literally hide in pretense.

Being easily offended Most don’t realize that being easily offended is rooted in unresolved issues, unresolved offenses, and emotional trauma. Generally this expression of emotional defense has been practiced long-term to the extent it takes on a since of justified identity. This is also true of the next indicator; a poor attitude.

Poor attitude Again another layer of defense walls that have been erected for the sake of emotional security. Very few people are born with people skills so poor that they come across as offensive. These places have been shaped by being developed in dysfunction and or people being hindered in emotional development. Simply their emotional needs were not met as a child or levels of pacification were out of balance and created entitlement.

Un-forgiveness is literally the

breeding ground for all emotional deficits. I won't do an exhausted list here but to name a few; rejection, abandonment, anger, pride, arrogance, poor attitude

To ensure that you are emotionally healthy to seize destiny you must be willing to be totally free of trauma. This truly starts with believing the Love of God to the extent you can see yourself as He sees you. In your truth.

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